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School Counseling

Welcome to Saint Veronica’s School Counseling Page


Serving grades Kindergarten through Eighth.

Saint Veronica’s Catholic School counseling services are centered on the commitment to assist the students with their academic, social, emotional, spiritual, and vocational needs, focusing on the student's specific strengths and abilities. We recognize each student as an individual with unique gifts and talents and will assist him/her in focusing on developing their potential.


Our goal is to support, facilitate, and provide the student with the necessary tools to achieve his/her full potential and be successful in school. This is possible when parents, school, and students, work together as a team towards the achievement of this goal. Academic and personal responsibility is taught, encouraged, and reinforced.  Intellectual, social, emotional, and academic issues are addressed. The school counselor assists the student in becoming more aware of alternatives to his/her situation and supports the development of more effective problem-solving and decision-making skills.

The school has adopted Second Step, a social-emotional learning program. This is a life-skills curriculum that focuses on the fundamental skills of Learning, Empathy, Managing Emotions, and Problem Solving. Students will learn valuable skills and discover how they are relevant to their daily lives.

Mrs. Ingrid Pera will meet with each class (K-5th) once a week to teach Second Step. 

Some topics that are discussed are:
Empathy, Being assertive, Focused attention, Learning to listen, Feelings, Identifying Anger, and Solving Problems.

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