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Our School

Saint Veronica Catholic School is accredited by the Western Catholic Educational Association (WCEA). WCEA accredits Catholic elementary and secondary schools in nine western states (26 (arch)dioceses) and the U.S. Territory of Guam. Our school offers quality Catholic education to students from Pre-K to 8th grade, providing them with a strong academic foundation and nurturing their spiritual growth.

Red Cross


St. Veronica Catholic School is committed to the education of the whole person based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.  We promote and sustain the spiritual, moral, social, intellectual, physical, and emotional growth of each student.


In partnership with the family, the primary educator, and in collaboration with the parish community, we strive to provide a quality education centered in a Catholic environment of peace, security, and love.


We enable students to live their faith; become open, honest, and effective communicators; achieve their goals as active members of the community; and become responsible, lifelong learners. 



Our mission at Saint Veronica Catholic School is to provide a Catholic education that fosters spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical growth. We aim to develop the whole person and prepare our students to become responsible citizens of the world. Our school is committed to academic excellence and provides a challenging curriculum that prepares our students for success in high school and beyond. We believe that every student is unique and has the potential to make a positive impact in the world.

In partnership with each family and the St. Veronica Parish community, and as ministers who participate in the mission of Jesus Christ, St. Veronica Catholic School strives to keep Christ’s image present in the world while providing a quality education which instills Christian stewardship and academic excellence.


Scholars Who Actively Live Our Faith Who:

  • Discover the love of God by loving one another

  • Foster Christian values of compassion, tolerance, justice, and respect for the dignity of life

  • Know basic Christian teachings

  • Develop the ability to make good moral choices

  • Stand up for their beliefs and actively participate in Liturgy

Open, Honest, and Effective Communicators Who:

  • Articulate ideas clearly, creatively, and effectively

  • Express written thoughts clearly with proper grammar and mechanics

  • Speak publicly with confidence and poise

  • Listen critically and compassionately

Active Members in Our Community Who:

  • Take responsibility for their actions and accept appropriate consequences

  • Are aware of the impact their personal choices and behaviors have on themselves, society, and the environment

  • Appreciate and understand multicultural society and are aware of global issues

  • Share their gifts through participation in community, civic, Parish, school, and family activities

  • Assume leadership roles

Responsible Life-Long Learners Who:

  • Demonstrate a strong academic foundation

  • Become self-motivating and are able to apply appropriate study skills effectively

  • Establish and accomplish academic and personal goals

  • Can understand and respect different points of view

  • Use technology appropriately and effectively

Faculty & Staff

Our faculty and staff are dedicated to providing our students with a quality Catholic education that fosters spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical growth. They work closely with our students to help them develop their full potential and become responsible citizens of the world.

Fr. Patrick Driscoll


Mr. John Payne


Mr. Peter Casper

Vice Principal

Mrs. Silvia Reyes

Operations/Finance Manager

Mrs. Nancy Gainey

Admin Assistant

Ms. Colleen McGovern


Mrs. Gina Melendez

Grade 1

Mrs. Lisa Marsh

Grade 2

Mr. Mark Gayapa

Grade 3

Ms. Valeria Alegrias 

Grade 4

Ms. Angelina Alvarez

Grade 5

Ms. Ellie Angove

Catholic Virtual

Grade 6 - 8 Social Studies

Ms. Carina Dozier

Grade 7 Homeroom

Grade 6 - 8 Literature

Mr. Peter Casper

Grade 8 Homeroom

Grade 6 - 8 Science

Grade 7 - 8 Math

Mr. Denzel McCollum

Grade 6 - 8 Math

Mrs. Ingrid Pera


Mr. Mo


Ms. Gabriela Quixtan


Mrs. Melissa Stemler


Ms. Carina Dozier


Ms. Nathaly Caso

Aide  - Kindergarten

Mrs. Mary Baynes

Aide - Grade 1

Ms. Sophia Torquido

Aide - Grades 2 & 3

Mrs. Rachel DeNardi

Extended Care Director

Mrs. Veronica Santana

Extended Care Aide

Mr. Sal Delgadillo


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