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Our School History

St. Veronica Catholic School, celebrating sixty five years of faith, community and excellence, was opened in 1958 by parents who were committed to St. Veronica Parish.  Since the beginning, the strength and support of the parent community has been a trademark of St. Veronica Catholic School. The Sisters of Infant Jesus were the first teachers to staff the classrooms and manage the administration. Starting in September, 1979, St. Veronica has been staffed by an all lay faculty.   Today, we operate as a K - 8 elementary Catholic school. 

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In July of 2020, St. Veronica's welcomed a new Pastor, Father Patrick Driscoll. 

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Mr. John Payne is the new Principal since July 1st, 2023. 

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Saint Veronica's is a community made up of those who are present today, as well as those who have been a part of our community through the years. The rich history of this community spans many decades! 

If you are an alumni of St. Veronica, please share your information with us! We would love to be in touch!   Keep in Touch

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