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Who is St. Veronica ?

While St. Veronica does not appear in the Gospels, she is traditionally seen as the woman who pushed her way through the soldiers escorting Jesus to Calvary and, with a veil, wiped the sweat and blood from the Lord’s face. That face remained imprinted on the veil, a faithful reflection, a “true icon.”

"In a certain sense it says: This is how every act of goodness, every gesture of true love toward’s one’s neighbor, strengthens the likeness of the Redeemer of the world in the one who acts that way. Acts of love do not pass away. Every act of goodness, of understanding, of service leaves on people’s hearts an indelible imprint and makes us ever more like the One who “emptied himself, taking the form of a servant” (Phil 2:7). This is what shapes our identity and gives us our true name.” - Pope St. John Paul II

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