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It started with the Students

One of the earliest Falcon’s View we could find. ~1985

Current Falcon’s View and Archives

Message from Mrs. Lucchesi from Summer 2013 Falcon’s View

I am so happy to be writing this welcome message to all of you. Many of you are previous students of mine when I was teaching here in 1977 – 1992. The beginnings of my academic perspectives were greatly influenced during the 15 years I taught here. I could not be happier to be back in the school and community that I have always loved.

Since returning to SV in 2010 I have continued to be impressed with the quality of the school and the community. The energy and enthusiasm of this community continues to remind me once again why I became an educator. Each year I look forward to building upon the strengths that exist and have been established throughout SV’s history.

At this time I would like to acknowledge the founding editor of “The Falcon’s View” Carmela DiMauro. Carmela was instrumental in sharing and developing the content of this newsletter for many years. I want to thank her for her commitment and the many gifts and talents she has shared with the SV community. Carmela most recently assisted me with the Class of 2009 alumni dinner and has also been instrumental in keeping our Veronican Award recipients pictures current on the board outside of Falcon Hall. Although she will no longer be the editor for the newsletter she is passing this position along to Beverly Cruz. Beverly is an alum of SV, class of

1988 formerly known as Beverly Buhain, Beverly will now be the new editor of “The Falcon’s View”. I know all of you will be as welcoming to Beverly as you were to Carmela. SV is very privileged to have these two wonderful women in our lives.

Please note in this issue information on the “Capital Campaign” drive, our current project in the SV community to help beautify and improve the campus.

In closing, I would like to extend an invitation to all of you to stop by the school anytime and revisit some of your fond memories. I would also like to extend an invitation for all of you to join us at Sunday mass, at least twice a month for the 9:30 mass, these masses are related to school events, i.e. sports masses and class masses. There is always wonderful hospitality after these masses and an opportunity to reconnect with community members. St. Veronica School fosters a community where families get involved, develop life- long friendships, and contribute to the vitality of the school.

I recognize that the students of SV are the future; among all of us our common goal is to educate every child within a respectful environment and to teach peace and social justice. St. Veronica School has set the foundation for many young lives over the years and all of us continue to be committed to making the experiences here the foundation of Christian values.

In order for all of us to make this newsletter relevant to all of SV please share your thoughts, ideas and aspirations for SV. I welcome your input.

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