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Scholars Who Actively Live Our Faith Who:

  • Discover the love of God by loving one another

  • Foster Christian values of compassion, tolerance, justice, and respect for the dignity of life

  • Know basic Christian teachings

  • Develop the ability to make good moral choices

  • Stand up for their beliefs and actively participate in Liturgy

Open, Honest, and Effective Communicators Who:

  • Articulate ideas clearly, creatively, and effectively

  • Express written thoughts clearly with proper grammar and mechanics

  • Speak publicly with confidence and poise

  • Listen critically and compassionately


Active Members in Our Community Who:

  • Take responsibility for their actions and accept appropriate consequences

  • Are aware of the impact their personal choices and behaviors have on themselves, society, and the environment

  • Appreciate and understand multicultural society and are aware of global issues

  • Share their gifts through participation in community, civic, Parish, school, and family activities

  • Assume leadership roles


Responsible Life-Long Learners Who:

  • Demonstrate a strong academic foundation

  • Become self-motivating and are able to apply appropriate study skills effectively

  • Establish and accomplish academic and personal goals

  • Can understand and respect different points of view

  • Use technology appropriately and effectively

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