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We have collected $6,000.00 of our $20,000.00 target. It is 30.00% of our goal for the The Arts Fund campaign


More Art Please

For more than fifty years, St. Veronica’s Catholic School has served the very diverse community of families in the largely working-class community of South San Francisco.   During these years our school has been a safe haven for families of many different backgrounds finding a middle ground between high academic standards, the teaching of ethical values and affordable tuition.

The Arts Fund is a grass roots parent led volunteer initiative highly supported by the administration and teachers that is building a quality year-round arts enrichment program for our students including:

  • Art in Action! A parent led nationally recognized arts classroom curriculum currently being utilized at St. Veronica and in need of additional funding to expand the program ⇒ program details
  • Art architecture with Owen Fritts, world acclaimed Eco-Art sculptor and architect ⇒ program details.
  • An eco-friendly, self-sustaining garden imagined, designed, built and maintained by kids ⇒ program details.
  • Art Moves! with Dr. Lance T. McCready, internationally acclaimed researcher on urban education and Parent, Sarah Kornfeld, co-founder and Chief Curation Officer at SM+ART (the science + art of brain power) ⇒ program details
  • A cello is and does what? with Jennifer Kloetzel, Founder of the Bay Areas Cypress String Quartet ⇒ program details
  • Rocket Art with Johanna Karr, parent and rocket scientist at Lockheed Martin Space Systems ⇒ program details
  • Field trips to local San Francisco art museums and educational programs including the Mission Science Center, The De Young Museum, Musical and local dance, Zaccho Dance Theater, and more

Our team of teachers, parent volunteers and world renown professionals are ready! We need your donation now to begin funding the arts today!

Lowes Home Improvement
720 Dubuque Ave, SSF, CA 94080. Providing over $1K in garden material! Thank you SV parent Mr. Carlos Rocha and Dan Morrison in Lowes Pro Sales.

Silicon Valley Foundation
Providing a $5,000.00 grant. Thank you Mr. Manuel Santamaria.

Silicon Valley Gives 2016
Providing a donation platform and giving event day where the Arts Fund raised just under $2,000.00. Thank you donors: Claudia Aterio, Mary Anne Basilio, Stacey Bullentini, Maricar Buyson, Nicole Carter, Michelle Collins, Rosa Dabai, Ana Dubon, Louise Elma, Christopher Espiritu, Clarice Estrada, Suzanne Farrell, Christina Garcia, Gomez-Delucchi Family, Maria Henriquez, Karr Family, Koenig Family, Raquel Ledesma, Andrew Meso, Jose Mora, Amanda Pena, Danielle Raggio, Marie Sapparrart, Manuel Santamaria, Nancy Shihadeh, Theresa Tentes

South San Francisco Scavenger
Thank you Teresa Montgomery and Andrew Arzaga for providing the Garden Eco-Sculpture materials.

Garden Days Volunteers
Thank you SV families for your time spent making our garden come to life: Carter, Ciabbatarri, Douglas, Hightower,  Karr, Koenig, Kornfeld, Leotta, Murphy, Ocon, Reynoso, Santellan,

Our Fund Board

General questions about this fund can be directed towards him. 408-834-2480 or
Get In Touch
Questions regarding the programs described in The Arts at St. Veronica Fund can be directed to her, 415-542-8873 or
Get In Touch




Advisory board members offer their experience and expertise to strengthen the decision making process. This assistance is provided through the function of committees such as: planning, policy development, finance, public relations/marketing, development/fundraising, and assessment.

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