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It is the policy of St. Veronica Catholic School that students who participate in the following school’s extracurricular activities must maintain good standards of schoolwork, homework, conduct, and effort.

Altar Servers

All sixth, seventh, and eighth grade girls and boys are strongly encouraged to become altar servers. It is an honor and a privilege for them to serve during the Eucharistic celebration. Altar servers are asked to be responsible to serve mass according to the schedule. It is each student’s responsibility to find a substitute when a conflict arises. No calls should be made to the rectory. Substitutes should be found well in advance of mass time. All altar servers will be responsible for fulfilling the terms of the Altar Server Contract. Fifth grade students who aspire to serve on the altar will be trained in the spring.

Student Council

The student council consists of a number of elected students from grades five through eight who qualify to assume office and act as commissioners in several areas of school activities. Members should maintain good grades in all subject areas. The role of the student council is that of leadership and responsibility. Faculty members act as moderators. They meet with the students on a regular basis and keep the faculty informed of activities.

Honor Guard

Some students in grades six through eight are invited to become members of the school honor guard. Students, under the supervision of faculty members, assist in the safety of the students during morning drop off and afternoon pick up. Students also raise the flag every morning.


The sports program at St. Veronica Catholic School is a parish sports program maintained and administered by the Men’s Club, which is staffed by parent volunteers and other interested persons.

St. Veronica focuses on educating the ‘whole child’, in mind, in body, and in spirit. We understand that many positive aspects of life are reflected in sports and activities. We use sports and activities to aid in student’s physical development, but also as part of their socialization. Sports programs teach students the value of teamwork and instill a competitive nature. Sports programs are important parts of assuring the understanding of fair play and sportsmanship.

SV Sports

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