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Tuition and Service Hours

St. Veronica Catholic School does not turn away students and their families due to financial hardship. As our population increases, so does the demand for Catholic education. Our tuition level is on par with other area Catholic schools and well below other area private schools. We work hard to maintain a feasible tuition so that current and future families can benefit from a Catholic education for years to come.

Where your tuition goes

The annual cost (tuition) for attending St. Veronica Catholic School is set on a Family Plan Tuition Table based on the number of children in the family attending school, Grades K-8. Tuition rates are derived from the school’s operating costs and the number of students seeking enrollment. The family’s annual tuition supports approximately 80% of the true cost of each student’s education at St. Veronica Catholic School. Therefore, all families are required to participate in Schoolwide events, programs, and fundraisers.


2017-2018 Tuition Schedule

Please be advised that upon acceptance to St. Veronica Catholic School, parents will be held to the following obligations:

  • All families are required to sign and abide by a Tuition contract. St. Veronica Catholic School utilizes SMART Tuition Plan for the collection of tuition.
  • Tuition is mailed to their billing department. St. Veronica Catholic School collects no tuition payment.
  • All families pay fees for Extended Care, School Guild, and Men’s Club.
  • Families agree to abide fully to the policies as stated in the Parent-Student Handbook

Providing the very best Christian education for our children is an expensive venture. Tuition alone does not meet the total cost of educating a student at St. Veronica Catholic School. Many parents dedicate their time to help the school; however our needs are still not being met. Therefor, you will be required to provide assistance above the established tuition and fees.

All families entering the school community accept the following financial and service obligations:

  • Participation in weekly mass or, in the case of non-Catholics, the worship of their religious denomination
  • Payment of tuition, registration, and other required fees (i.e., graduation, School Guild, Men’s Club, sacramental, Extended Care)
  • Support of school fundraising efforts – in particular, but not limited to:
    • Bingo, six hours of mandatory service at the Parish Festival (four for single parent families)
    • Assigned activity for each class to supervise or organize
      • Kindergarten/Grade One and Eight – Bingo
        • The money realized from Bingo goes directly into the operating budget and school families benefit by lower tuition rates.
      • Grade Two – Annual Gift Wrap Drive
      • Grade Three – Snack Shack
      • Grades Four and Five – Parish Festival
        • The required hours of service must include a minimum of six hours working at the annual parish festival (four hours for single parent families). Any additional hours worked may go towards the service obligation. It is the parent’s responsibility to schedule hours and to complete a Festival Participation Record showing the number of hours worked at the festival.
      • Grade Six – Luck of the Irish Dinner and Raffle
      • Grade Seven – Crab Feed
      • Grade Seven and Eight – Organization of the 8th grade Baccalaureate Mass Reception
    • Completion of thirty-five hours of service to the school
    • Attendance by at least one parent at in-service meetings, Back-to-School Night, and the Parent-Teacher conference
    • Cooperation with all school policies and administrative directives

In Parish PlanOne ChildTwo ChildrenThree Children
One Payment$7,233.82$13,067.17$17,431.60
Quarterly (4)$1,808.46$3,266.80$4,357.90
Monthly (12)$602.82$1,088.93$1,452.64

Out of Parish PlanOne ChildTwo ChildrenThree Children
One Payment$8,238.90$14,882.75$19,853.58
Quarterly (4)$2,059.72$3,720.69$4,963.39
Monthly (12)$686.57$1,240.23$1,654.46


A mandatory registration fee of $275 is assessed for each student at the time of registration. This is a non-refundable fee that holds the student’s place in the class.

Men’s Club

A mandatory $60 dues assessment for each family is to supplement the costs of the Parish Sports Program. Dues are collected in the spring for the subsequent academic school year. The amount of the fee is subject to change.

Extended Care

A mandatory $35 registration fee is assessed to each family in grades K-8 to help supplement the costs of this valuable program. Fees are collected in the spring for the subsequent academic school year. The amount of the fee is subject to change.

Bingo Dessert Fee

A mandatory $20 bingo fee is assessed by each family in grades K-8. Fees are collected in the spring for the subsequent academic school year. The amount of the fee is subject to change.

School Guild

A mandatory $75 fee assessment for each family is collected in the spring during the registration process for the subsequent academic school year. The amount of this fee is subject to change.

Graduation (Eighth Grade Only)

There is a fee of $300 per student to cover the cost of diploma, robe rental, dinner, and incidentals.


There is a fee of $40 per student to cover the cost of certificates, flowers, and miscellaneous expenses for Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.

Make Your Payment Online

In order to better serve our families, we use Smart Tuition as an option to manage tuition payments. Through this service, we are able to offer expanded flexibility for making payments. Listed below are some of the benefits:

  • Increased affordability
  • Convenient online payment plan sign-up
  • Multiple payment options
  • Web-based interface for account viewing
  • Switch payment methods
  • Receive email reminders
  • Pay ahead – online
  • Pay by telephone
  • Multiple students, one agreement

The objective of service hours is to create a community spirit in the school while providing valuable service thereby indirectly providing financial assistance and generous support. Thirty-five hours of service are required by all families, fifteen for single parent families. Service hours are to be completed by the end of April. A form will be sent home quarterly for keeping an accurate record of service hours completed. If forms are not returned to school, hours will not be awarded. Failure to complete the required hours of service will result in paying a higher tuition rate (non-participating). Eighth grade families must complete their hours in order for eighth graders to participate in graduation activities.

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