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Music and theatre are indispensable to a complete and high quality education, providing a rich and engaging curriculum that instills in children the gifts of self-expression, creativity, self-discipline, and a drive for excellence. Additionally, the creative skills that children develop through the arts carry them toward new ideas, new experiences and new challenges, not to mention personal satisfaction.

School Musicals

Music will be an everyday experience for St. Veronica students as it is integral to daily assemblies, Friday Mass and all major religious and secular events. A variety of arts programs will be presented regularly by the students and for the students in the Falcon Gym. St. Veronica also directs a few musicals during the year; a Christmas Musical for all grades. Students who audition for acting roles participate in after school rehearsals.

St. Veronica Catholic School Choir

Students in First through Eighth grade may participate in the school choir. St. Veronica and parent volunteers directs students in choral singing to bring a sense of community, discipline, and fun. In the Winter, the choir prepares to sing for the Christmas Mass.


St. Veronica Catholic School places value on the arts in our community and in the daily lives of the children. the music program is centered on its mission to foster appreciation and love for the music that can be used as a springboard for personal musical growth and development. A large percentage of music class time is spent in preparation for the annual Grandparents Day performance (grades K-6), Luck of the Irish, the Christmas Program (k-8), and the respective grade-level musicals. Through these programs, students learn much by doing an experiencing. A goal of the music department is to help students create happy, engaging memories of music where student energy levels are focused and sustained at high levels without inhibitions or fear of taking risks.

Theatre Arts

St. Veronica Catholic School’s Theatre Arts Program is offered to students in grades 1-8. This after school program provides a safe and nurturing environment for kids to discover new talents and build confidence.

Actors, singers, dancers, musicians, stage personnel, wardrobe, make-up, lighting and production assistants will all be identified through auditions. This process often awakens hidden talents within and enables all interested students to participate on various levels. Once the cast and crew are set, rehearsals will be held after-school hours in the Falcon Gym.

There is no charge for participation in the Theatre Arts Program and we strongly encourage parents/guardians to volunteer their gifts and talents as well (set construction, concessions, playbills, ushering, sound, video, photos, etc.).

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We offer unique opportunities in Music and Theatre to Kindergarten through Eighth Grade students throughout the year at St. Veronica Catholic School. Every student receives Music and Theatre instruction once a week. Students learn proper vocal techniques, music history, opera, classical music, symphonies, ballet, world and cultural music, jazz, and broadway musicals.

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