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Academic Performance

St. Veronica Catholic School Values: Accountability

The faculty and staff strive to provide an excellent education to our students and they must demonstrate their effectiveness in very concrete ways. They are accountable not only to the students and parents, but also to the immediate community, the parish, and the greater Catholic organization.

Catholic School Accrediting Commission

In March of 2014, St. Veronica Catholic School was visited by a team from the Western Educational Association (WCEA) and the Western Association of Schools and Collages (WASC). Their job was to assess the accuracy of a Self-Study completed by the faculty and staff of the school. It is a rigorous exercise consisting of a year-long process that involved parents, students, representatives from the Parish as well as the faculty, staff, administration and an outside consultant. There were surveys to conduct and analyze, numerous questions to respond to, and self-evaluations to perform. A final report was compiled that was reviewed by both WCEA and the WASC.

Their final appraisal and recommendation resulted in St. Veronica Catholic School receiving the highest level of accreditation available, six full years.

According to the Association, The Accreditation process is all about fostering excellence in the elementary school…

The capacity of any organization to improve is directly related to its ability to recognize, acknowledge, and act on its identified strengths and limitations. The accreditation process is a vehicle that enables schools to improve student learning and school performance based on an analysis of those strengths and limitations. Participating school must meet rigorous, research-based standards that reflect the essential elements of a quality and effective school, but again, must also be able to demonstrate engagement in as well as capacity to provide continuous school improvement.

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