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Teacher Spotlight – Mrs. Murphy

Editor’s note – It thrills me to no end to be able to write this article, simply due to the fact that this teacher was one of my favorite teachers at S V. I was a member of the first class she ever taught, and up to now, she sti remembers many of the students in our class.

One of her favorite stories to te is the time I got locked in the Confessional booth in church. W e were practicing for First R econciliation, and one by one, each student entered the dark booth to see what it was like. I went in last, and then heard Mrs. Murphy say, “Ok, class, let’s go!” I tried the door, but it wouldn’t budge, so I banged on the door and ye ed, “ Mrs. Murphy!!” She opened the door right away, horrified. I wasn’t bothered – I think it traumatized her more than it did me!

In the fall of 1981, a young teacher by the name of Meg (then Peggy) Murphy walked into the hall of SV to teach second grade. She wasn’t new to teaching – she started her teaching career in 1975, teaching 7th grade at Cathedral Intermediate School in SF. She then moved on to St. Patrick in Larkspur, teaching 6th grade for the next four years.

Little did she know that SV would become her second home, spending the bulk of her career here. After teaching 2nd grade for two years, she worked as a substitute teacher until 1990. In 1990 her son Marty entered SV (younger son Paul started preschool). From then she would continue on to co-teach 5th grade for the next seven years. In 1997 she took over the 5th grade until 2012, finally working as the resource teacher from 2012 to 2016.

Mrs. Murphy retired this past school year. The school surprised her with a mass especially for her. Her loud yell of surprise could be heard throughout the church, as she saw her closest family and friends, and even former students came to celebrate!

Barring the “confessional booth incident” told above, Mrs. Murphy has many fond memories of her years at SV. She loved the elocution contest, field trips to Golden Gate Park, and Games Day. She also loved the communal feeling at SV, evidenced by school families and activities, Grandparents Day, and knowing everyone in this close-knit community.

So what is next for Mrs .Murphy? She’ll be busy spending her retirement traveling but also spending time with her young grandchildren. We will miss her, but who knows? We may just see her back at SV, but this time as a guest of honor on Grandparents Day. Congratulations on your retirement, Mrs. Murphy!


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