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SV’s arts and fine arts program has been gaining new ground! A few new events recently have showcased all the talent that the children at SV have to offer.

On November 11, SV held a talent show titled “Saint Veronica’s got Talent.” Students eagerly practiced their acts before auditioning to be a part of the show. SV moms Kimberly Krol and Cheryl Anne Napier spearheaded the show for the second time. Mrs. Krol has background in musical theater and dance, and Mrs. Napier is a talented musician. On Talent Show night, the show began with a group number by all of the children, as they sang “Another Op’nin, Another Show.” Dancing, singing, and acting were performed by students from K-8 in front of a full house. Upper grades also had the chance to participate in helping to run the show by hosting and working backstage, and school parents operated the sound and lighting equipment. It was a great show enjoyed by all.

Not to be outdone, the Christmas program also received a makeover last year. Instead of individual numbers performed by each grade, the entire school participated in a play called “Dude, You Hear What I Hear?” a musical about learning the true meaning of Christmas amidst so much sound and noise. With the 8th grade playing the main characters, each grade’s performance was cleverly interwoven into the story by director Kimberly Krol, and accompanied musically by Cheryl Anne Napier. It was truly an awe inspiring production, and the families who came to watch were full of praises for the performers and the show!

Since its introduction last year, Art in Action has been a successful program. Parent volunteers teach art lessons to students through the Art in Action website, and teach the lesson to students and facilitate an art project. Earlier this year, the school held its first art show. The weekend kicked off with a mass celebrating the arts. The SV choir sang, and 8th graders performed a liturgical dance. Art from each class that was done during an art in action lesson was displayed in the

Parish Center. Family, friends, and parishioners alike came to enjoy the fine art and appreciate the artistic talent showcased by the students.


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