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Teachers and students alike are eagerly awaiting our new art program, Art in Action, to commence! Beginning later this year, Art in Action is a comprehensive visual art curriculum that will be made available to grades K through 8. Students will get a solid foundation in drawing and painting, and also learn about the art of great artists as well as from cultures around the world. In addition, the lessons will help students develop their critical thinking skills and creativity.

An added benefit to this highly-acclaimed program is being able to work with parent volunteers. Teachers and parents are trained in the art lessons by the Art in Action staff, who then teach the kids in the classroom. All lessons are aligned with National Visual Arts Standards and are easily aligned with other subjects.

Art in Action at SV was made possible partly by a $2,000 grant from Target, for which SV applied and received. Target funds in-school arts programs that enhance students’ classroom curricula by bringing the arts and cultural experiences to schools, so this was a perfect fit! The added cost for this program was funded through school organizations and the school budget.

We can’t wait to see the program and students flourish! Let the creativity begin!


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