ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT – Kevin Mullin (’84) and Jessica Stanfill Mullin (’92)

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ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT – Kevin Mullin (’84) and Jessica Stanfill Mullin (’92)

From Kevin’s 8th grade future prediction: “Kevin Mullin has become the mayor of South San Francisco. He says he gained his organizational skills and political experience as president of S.V.’s class of ’84”

In speaking with Kevin Mullin and wife Jessica Stan?ill Mullin, it is clear that they truly care about their community. After all, Kevin’s political background and current position as CA State assemblymember, and Jessica’s work for the League of CA Cities, are obvious indications of this. Their experiences at St. Veronica helped foster their love for and dedication to the community.

Kevin Mullin entered SV in 6th grade, when he transferred from Buri Buri School. He remembers feeling a true sense of community, commonality, and camaraderie during his years at SV. For him, it was the ?irst time that school, faith, and athletics were all connected. He even remembers attending Sunday mass with his baseball uniform on. He also did community service, such as volunteering to serve dinners in Falcon Hall.

Catholic values were always front and center for him, and ultimately it was his faith that helped in?luence him to go into public service. To him, faith was not only religious, but it was also a feeling of community. Interestingly, Kevin’s political career also began at SV! In 8th grade, he served as Class President. His 8th grade teacher, Mrs. Joanne Bruno, also predicted that he would be the mayor of South San Francisco twenty years later, in 2004 (she was only off by 7 years – he ?irst served as mayor in 2011).

Likewise, Jessica remembers having to do community service during her middle school years at SV. Attending SV from Grades K through 8, she felt a sense of togetherness as well as gaining a respect for others. She made great friendships – some still lasting – and remembers her fellow classmates supporting each other at sporting events, and people encouraging her team at church.This sense of community provided a foundation for her desire to give back to the community later, via her work for the League of CA Cities as well as in her work for Congressmen on Capitol Hill. It also helped her later in her decisions for further education, as she searched for the same values she experienced at SV. It wasn’t just about her studies, but what she learned beyond the classroom walls.

Both Kevin and Jessica also have warm memories of fun times at SV. They remember the 49ers’ Day rallies that former principal Ray John used to hold during Superbowl years. The festivals were also a big deal, with the Men’s Club showing local games all weekend on the big screen TV that was placed in the library. Jessica remembers the waterline along Alida Way breaking during lunch one year. Everyone ran up the hill to avoid the water, and the school and church were closed for a little while for repairs. She also remembers practicing for basketball in the lower courtyard, rain or shine, since it was before the school gym was built! Kevin has fond memories of playing baseball. Fellow classmate Brad Coleman (son of former principal Joan Coleman) was the catcher, and Kevin was pitcher. The two have remained close – Brad was Best Man at their wedding, and various SV alum attended, including Jessica’s sister, Alicia (’89).

They haven’t forgotten their SV roots either, as touches and glimpses of SV seem to show up in their lives regularly. Their pictures proudly grace our school breezeway. Kevin’s graduating class remains close – they’ve held 10, 20, and 25 year reunions. Kevin’s former 6th grade teacher, Irene O’Connell, serves on the San Bruno Council and the two interact occasionally. Mrs. Lucchesi, as well, taught both Kevin in 7th grade in 1983, and Jessica in 8th grade in 1992. She is thankful that she had the opportunity to help shape their years at St. Veronica School and is looking forward to their continued involvement. Both Kevin and Jessica are SSF residents and active members of the parish. It is clear that SV school and community is and always will be a touchstone for this great couple.


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