A Falcon is Born

//A Falcon is Born

A Falcon is Born

Steve Murphy ’64, with his mom

8th Grade newsletter Logo from 1985 by J. DiMauro

SVS Logo 1972

Ever wonder how Saint Veronica became the SV Falcons?

Well, recently at the SV alumni open house, class of ’64 Steve Murphy shared his story:

“Here is what I remember about my class coming up with the Falcon nickname for the school mascot.

As the “oldest” class when sports teams were being formed, my class was given the task of coming up with the mascot. We were either in 5th or 6th grade at the time as I recall. Our initial discussion led to the class wanting to be the St. Veronica School Fighting Irish. Our sweaters were green, and at least the boys in the class wanted to have the same nickname as Notre Dame University. Unfortunately the nun who was our teacher expressed concern with the Fighting Irish nickname because…not all the students in the school were Irish!! No matter how hard we tried to explain that that fact was irrelevant, we were unable to persuade her to go along with our choice. We even assured her that not all students attending Notre Dame University were Irish, but to no avail.

Eventually we gave up on the “Irish” nickname and moved to our second choice, the “Rebels.” We thought it would be a great nickname for our sports teams. We saw it as racy, edgy, and kind of wild. Our teacher did not agree with our choice. Again she used the argument that not all SV students were rebels and thus the nickname would be inappropriate. We gave it our best effort to convince her that “Rebels” would be a cool nickname, but needless to say we lost the argument.

So…we decided to back down a bit and go with tamer choices which is how we decided to choose between the “Falcons” and “Eagles”. The class voted to be the Falcons going forward and our teacher signed off on our third choice.”

And that is how we became the SV Falcons!

Our Mascot with the 2016 Cheerleaders

Mascots are found in schools, sports and businesses and goes back to the early 1900s. The word mascot means: “A person, animal or object believed to bring good luck, especially one kept as the symbol of an organization such as a sports team.” A school mascot symbolizes courage, strength, speed and leadership. When a school that adopts a mascot, they place importance on its symbolic characteristics as setting a purpose and vision unifying a cause in the school’s common interest. The mascot is also the integrating force for major events in school especially at sporting events that call for unity among the student and faculty community. Our Falcon is often boldly displayed on school sports wear and all school memorabilia as well as our aptly named newsletters, adorned in the school office and the areas where students may commune as a common body. The falcon is a solar emblem for success, victory and rising above a situation. That is why we soar!

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