Alumni Spotlight – Barbara Padilla

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Alumni Spotlight – Barbara Padilla

Barbara Padilla is Dan’s younger sister, and not only is she an alumna, she is now an SV parent! She and husband Robert have twins, Natalie and Cole, who just started Kindergarten. Barbara is excited to be back at SV, and wants her children to enjoy the same experiences and attain the same values she did as a student.

At SV, Barbara’s favorite teachers were Sister Barbara in 4th grade, and Mrs. Bruno in 8th grade. A memory that stands out in her mind was a time when she went to Mrs. Lucchesi’s classroom for a presentation called “Smoke-Filled Lungs.” The room was warm and crowded so after a while Barbara fainted! (While Barbara laughs about this now, Mrs. Lucchesi was concerned at the time!) Other favorite memories include playing volleyball, having pizza for hot lunch, and having the dunk tank at the annual festival (remember dunking Father Derry or principal Ray John?). One year at the festival, Dan won two goldfish, and when he went away to college, her task was to take care of them. Alas it wasn’t meant to be – R.I.P. Melvin and Marvin the goldfish! Barbara also helped set up the library that is still thriving at SV today!

Currently, Barbara is a Systems Configuration Analyst at the Health Plan of San Mateo (where she has worked for almost 24 years) . In her free time, she likes to go camping with her family and friends (including her longtime friend and maid of honor Dana Troia (class of 1979).

Barbara is thankful for her experiences at SV, and credits the school and her upbringing for instilling in her the importance of being thoughtful, caring, and keeping her faith. She is looking forward to her children experiencing their first Holy Communion, a sacrament that was very special to her mother.


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